Client Reviews

As a video production agency, we sometimes require transcriptions to be done for captioning and translation purposes. Sharon is my go-to when I need transcriptions done for my clients. She’s lightning fast, accurate, and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend her services! 

Tanya Trombetta
Owner, Creative Nest

“I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon Newton’s services. Fast, reliable and highly professional. It was hard for us to find someone who could transcribe our audio interviews in a short time, but Sharon stepped to the plate and delivered far more than what was expected! Always a pleasure to work with!”

University of Ottawa

“You are incredibly quick and we are thankful for it!”

Larissa B.
MA candidate
Department of Geography
York University

“I am pleased to endorse Sharon Newton’s transcription services. She has worked on all the interviews for the Hub Memory Project, an undertaking of Almonte Community Coordinators. Her work has been accurate, especially difficult when several people are in a conversation to be transcribed. The transcriptions were well-organized, presented in clear text, and referenced to the actual taping times, making it easy to search for the live interview on the recording, either tape or video. “

Glenda J.
Chair, the Hub Memory Project
Past-President, Almonte Community Coordinators

“The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum has used Newton Transcription Services to transcribe nearly 60 filmed interviews of former woolen mill workers in Almonte and the valley. We were more than satisfied with the transcriptions of these interviews. The accuracy and formatting was great. The transcriptions were done in a timely manner. They are always a pleasure to work with and they treat every project as their own. We highly recommend Newton Transcription Services for all your transcribing needs!”

Matthew M.
Project Co-ordinator
Mississippi Valley Textile Museum

“We appreciate your skill at transcription. It made it so nice to watch and read the video content at the same time as making notes right on the transcript.”

Sue S.
Regional Stroke Education Coordinator
Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario
Kingston General Hospital

“Wow – that was fast. It looks GREAT.

Beverly H.
Sunray Meditation Society