Transcription Services

We not only transcribe the spoken words but will also include paralanguage, sounds, and speech flaws. We can also note body language cues. Time codes can be inserted upon request.

Alternatively, not all transcriptions need to be verbatim. We can edit the imperfections (ums, uhs, common use of like or you know, stutters, false starts and repeated words) while keeping the message intact and accurate. Simply tell us what you require.

Some of the areas of transcription can include:

Business Transcription

Business transcription includes many types of content: meetings, conference calls, focus groups. interviews, seminars and more. Transcripts of these events allow participants to review the content and search on keywords to jump to key segments.

Speech Transcription

Speeches, lectures and keynote addresses can be made accessible to everyone by turning them into transcripts that can be used in blogs, e-books, etc.

Interview Transcription

Interviews can be time consuming and tedious to go through. You could spend hours listening to material while trying to take notes. Reading a transcript is much more efficient and saves you valuable time. With a transcript you will be able to search for key subjects that are included in the transcript without having to to through the entire audio content. This reduces your workload and saves you time and effort allowing you to spend your time more productively.

Teleseminar Transcription

These transcripts can be used in many ways. You can evaluate and refine your teleseminar content much quicker by reading a transcript as opposed to listening to an hour of audio. Questions and interactions may arise during the teleseminar which will give you ideas for future topics. Teleseminar transcriptions can be given away as a bonus or combined and re-purposed to create an e-book that can be sold. Removing filler words such as ‘um’, ‘ah’, ‘so’, etc. can be removed to create a readable narrative. Colour and graphics can also be inserted to enhance the visual appeal of your transcript. 

Academic Transcription

Newton Transcription Services has extensive experience transcribing academic material. Our Budget Transcription is popular among researchers and educators who often have a great deal of material to be transcribed within a limited project budget.

Documentary Footage Transcription

Transcripts help to ensure the best possible final edit. Using an accurate transcript makes it much easier to review the best possible cuts, dialogue and shots to use. By including numerous embedded time codes with the transcript you instantly locate the desired video section within the original media.