Frequently Asked Questions


For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: How does the process work?

A: After finalizing project details, clients forward their materials electronically. We prepare the documents to meet your specifications and return within your deadline. All information is treated with absolute confidentiality.


Q: Do you provide time codes?

A: As a standard practice time codes are not provided but at your request we can include time codes in your transcription every time a speaker changes, or at key subject matter changes within a given speaker’s presentation/interview. More frequent time codes can be added if required.


Q: Are you willing to sign a confidentiality agreement?

A: All information is handled with the utmost respect for your privacy. If required, we will happily sign a confidentiality agreement.


Q: Can you transcribe multiple speaker files?

A: Newton Transcription Services can transcribe multiple speaker files including focus groups, panel discussions, multi-person interviews, etc. We will label speakers as requested (ie. name, Speaker 1, Speaker 2, Interviewer, etc.).


Q: What types of transcription services do you offer?

A: Our standard transcription is non-verbatim – meaning that we clean up the language a bit for smoother reading. This means that we omit ums and uhs and the common use of like or you know. We also omit stutters, false starts and repeated words.

If you prefer a verbatim transcript then we include every utterance including ums, uhs, fillers, false starts, stutters, etc.

Verbatim transcription is the most complicated and time consuming because it involves ensuring that every word, emotion, laugh, background noise, etc. is in the written format. It is an exact replica of the audio.


Q: What format do you deliver your transcripts in?

A: Transcripts are delivered via email or Dropbox in Microsoft Word format (.doc). Other formats are available on request, such as Adobe PDF (.pdf).


Q: What is the average turnaround time for transcription?

A: Turnaround time varies depending on the number of interviews, length of recordings, quality of recordings, etc.  As a guide, turnaround time for a simple two hour project would be 48 hours. Rush requests are available for an additional fee.


Q: What types of video files do you accept?

A: We accept virtually every current type of video file.


Q: What types of audio files do you accept?

A:  Like video, we accept virtually every current type of audio file.


Q: What type of physical media do you accept?

A: We accept hard drives, USB flash drives, DVDs, CDs, and older formats such as audio cassette tapes, Beta and VHS tapes.


Q: Do you transcribe small projects?

A: Yes, however a minimum charge may apply.


Q: How do I get my files to you?

A: Files can be uploaded to Dropbox. Physical media can be sent via courier or mailed to us.


Q: How long do you keep my project on file?

A: All projects are kept for 15 days and then deleted.